I Secured Myself a New Futura Condo

The first time I looked at the rendition of what New Futura will look like, I was sold. I like unique things, and this is definitely a unique structure, or at least it will be when it is done. The first thing I noticed other than the sheer height were the fins that jut out from different parts of the towers. These aluminum fins give the structures so much personality, and I knew that I wanted to see even more. Any developer that is going to create a masterpiece like this has to have more surprises in store.

I was not wrong. When I looked at the entire scope of the project, this is definitely a place for people who want to live in a quiet area but have everything that is needed right there. Rather than drive to a gym down the road, the state of the art fitness centers are right on the premises. There are several swimming pools, allowing tenants and guests to choose between laps, soaking or just casual swimming. There are also social areas where residents can mingle and have fun. Continue reading “I Secured Myself a New Futura Condo”

Three Kids Now Means We Need a Four Bedroom Condo

We needed four bedrooms with our third child on the way. We have been saving our money, and we already had a nice two bedroom condominium we could sell. So, when we looked at the www.parclife.net project under development, we wanted in on one of the 24 four bedroom units that were available. With all of these executive condo projects under development, there are only so many four bedroom premium units that are available. You need to jump on the opportunity to get one very fast as these are bought as investment properties too.

Our application for the four bedroom executive condo at Signature Yishun went in as soon as it was opened up for purchasing. We liked the reputation of the builder, and we saw it as an excellent investment. Our condo sold fast to pay off a significant portion of the new property investment. Our payment on the remaining financing was very affordable for us, and we are getting the advantage of having four bedrooms. Continue reading “Three Kids Now Means We Need a Four Bedroom Condo”