Three Kids Now Means We Need a Four Bedroom Condo

We needed four bedrooms with our third child on the way. We have been saving our money, and we already had a nice two bedroom condominium we could sell. So, when we looked at the project under development, we wanted in on one of the 24 four bedroom units that were available. With all of these executive condo projects under development, there are only so many four bedroom premium units that are available. You need to jump on the opportunity to get one very fast as these are bought as investment properties too.

Our application for the four bedroom executive condo at Signature Yishun went in as soon as it was opened up for purchasing. We liked the reputation of the builder, and we saw it as an excellent investment. Our condo sold fast to pay off a significant portion of the new property investment. Our payment on the remaining financing was very affordable for us, and we are getting the advantage of having four bedrooms. Our first two children are used to sharing a bedroom, and now they will each have their own rooms. All three of them will have their own rooms even though one has not yet arrived yet.

Our children are excited, and they each have their own brochure of the Signature Yishun project that they keep looking at. They know the floor plan better than I do. They have already decided on the bedrooms they want. I can hardly wait to move. My wife and our daughter are already picking out things for our daughter’s room. My son said that he wants a nautical theme for his room. We are both boat enthusiasts, and we hope to one day own a sailboat. For now we take some holiday time to go out on a chartered vessel.